Evangelize to harvest souls for God’s Kingdom
 - Outreach to communities through regular door-to-door Bible studies and community activities.
 - Form relationships through sports activities such as baseball, softball, soccer, basketball and   
    volleyball, opening the door for presenting the gospel.

Plant and Support Churches
 - Planted the Monte Cristi church, where the Rivas’ began their evangelism.
 - Planted the Buenos Aires church, in the neighborhood where the baseball field was first

   established for outreach.
 - Support the Barrero church, a healthy, growing congregation.
 - Supported the San Jose Church.  

Teach children about Jesus
 - Operate an elementary school in the Buenos Aires neighborhood, providing many young children
    the opportunity to receive an education and also learn about Jesus. Based on growth and need,
    this school has expanded to currently serve 120 students in K-6 grade in 2018.  Many of these
    children have influenced their parents and families to attend church and community activities
    provided by CDEM. 

Care for the people of the communities
 - Provide help with many needs in the community as they arise, including medical help,
   transportation, housing, home repair, and food, etc.
 - Provided food for up to 500 families following devastating floods in 2004 and 2008
 - Provided shelter for many Dominicans and Haitians during floods and hurricanes
 - Delivered over $42,000 of food, water and medical supplies to people in Haiti following the

   devastating earthquake.