Who CDEM is

Purpose: The Christian Dominican Evangelistic Mission exists for the purpose of establishing churches in the Dominican Republic and to disciple those individuals within those churches to live in a manner consistent with the teachings of the Holy Bible. These disciples will become God’s instrument of righteousness and reconciliation locally, nationally and worldwide.

Vision:  Christian Dominican Evangelistic Mission is a mission organization made up of Dominican national pastors and workers who are striving to reach Monte Cristi and the surrounding areas with the saving message of Jesus Christ

To accomplish these purpose and vision, the mission has established churches, an elementary school, and outreach activities in communities of northwest Dominican Republic.  

The current churches include the congregations meeting in Monte Cristi and Barrero.  Each of these congregations conduct worship services each Sunday. In addition, there are Bible study groups, children’s and youth ministries, men’s ministries and women’s ministries that meet throughout the week at each of these locations. Community activities serve as outreach in Buenos AIres, along with the elementary school.  The churches in the Dominican Republic also will provide aid to individuals in need, or areas that may have experienced a natural disaster.

The school, established in 2011, is a Dominican elementary school located in Buenos Aires, serving local students grades K through 6.The school operates under the regulations and standards of the Dominican Republic Ministry of Education.

The mission director is Alberto Rivas, who collaborates with a Dominican Republic Board of Directors to oversee and facilitate decisions for the churches and school operations.  A team of spiritual church leaders, pastors, and support staff serves the churches associated with the mission. Qualified administrators, teachers, and support staff are hired to provide the education to the students in the school.

The Christian Dominican Evangelistic Mission was incorporated in 2009 (per the founder’s desire) for the purpose of overseeing the resources from supporters, donors, and periodic teams of workers for projects. A US Board of Directors was established with bylaws to fulfill this purpose. The US Board is comprised of individuals who have a heart for missions, are spiritual leaders, and desire to see the kingdom of God glorified through the harvesting of souls for Christ. A DR Board of Directors is comprised of Dominican spiritual leaders who assist with the leadership and decision-making for the mission functions and activities.

The funding for the activities of the mission come from a variety of individuals and churches within the United States, who are supportive of the aims of the Christian Dominican Evangelistic Mission, Inc.


                              US Board                                                       DR Board
                                                              Earl Allen, Secretary              (Illinois)                           Nathaniel de la Rosa
                                                              Rhonda DeBuhr, President  (Iowa)                             Arismendy Uceta
                                                              Ed Gillespie                             (Illinois)                          Karina Mezon
                                                              Craig Harris, Vice President (Iowa)                             Abigail Rivas
                                                              Shelby Janssen                       (Iowa))                            Alberto Rivas (Chair)
                                                              Jeff Jewell                                (Minnesota)                   Yari Carlos Rojas   
                                                              Jay Weinstein, Treasurer      (Tennessee)                   Christian Lopez